Loving to be
off the roads

The Moselle, treated like a treasure, reaches from France to the Rhine like an amphitheatre, surrounded by the Eifel and the Hunsrück.

One of the most beautiful cultural landscapes within Germany is waiting for you. Many historic villages, castles and abbeys give testimony of past days.

Celtic and Roman traces are visible even today. Through all the centuries, the vineyards have created a very unique imagery filled withe vines.

Destinations near our house

It does not matter if you visit us professionally or just for leisure. We will always help you discover some great activities. We are here for our guests at all time.

  • Moselland Museum with tractor rentals in Ernst
  • Burg Eltz in Wierschem
  • Germany’s most beautiful rope bridge "Geierlay" in Mörsdorf
  • Calmont „steepest vineyards in Europe" in Bremm
  • Boat trips on the Moselle
  • Porta Nigra in Trier and much more